Project 21 Draw

I’ve just finished my pieces for the 21 Draw project. I picked the “Hag” character for my contribution and hag I did :-). Trying to explore all aspects of “hag-ness”, I had a lot of fun doing numerous studies of a potential lead actor for the role of my character.

United Colors of Hags

As soon as the guys from 21 Draw made their choice, I dove into the world of Painter and made my favorite hag breath and spit color.


A spread for the 21 Draw book consists of a character front and side, 3 action poses, 3 facial expressions, and 2 hand positions. I’ll post more work when the book is out. If you want to be the first to enjoy all the great work other artists did, hurry and pre-order your copy of the book on 21 Draw site

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